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ShinMaywa 5700 Submersible Pump

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- One of the most durable and reliable submersible pumps available for the pond market

- Pumps approx. 4200 gph at 10' of head pressure.

- Very efficient - high flow rates with lower electrical use than many other pumps 

- Can handle solids up to 1-1/4" in size

- 2 year warranty

The ShinMaywa submersible pumps are our favorite pumps for applications needing a flow rate between 3000 gph (galons per hour) to 7000 gph (4 different pump sizes to choose from).  Not only are they some of the most reliable and durable submersible pumps available, but they are among the most efficient as well.  When running a pump 24/7, the electricity costs can quickly add up, so it's important to choose a pump that gets a good flow rate without too high of an electrical draw.  The ShinMaywa submersible pumps have the unique ability of providing higher flow rates with less electricity used.

The pump casing is a single piece of seamless stainless steel combined with a highly corrosive resistant poly amide fibber reinforced top and base.  The air filled continuous duty motor is complimented with a cast aluminum bearing housing which provides better heat dissipation and structural integrity. The Poly Amide Fiber Reinforced vortex impeller provides superior durability over ordinary ABS resin impellers.

The size for sale on this page is the 5700 gph model, which is capable of pumping 5700 galons per hour before taking head pressure into account.  Please see the below chart to see how the flow rate of this pump changes under various head pressures.  To read the chart, first find your system's head pressure on the left.  Then follow the horizontal line to the right until it meets up with the line marked '5700'.  At this point if you look straight down, you will find out the max flow rate for this pump at the given head pressure.  For more information on how to calculate the head pressure of your pond system, please see our page on Calculating Head Pressure.  


Don't quite need a pump with so much flow?  Please see our page here on pump recommendations.

Pump Specifications

 Model:  50CR2.4S
 GPH:   5,700
 HP:   1/2
 Watts:   567
 Amps:   5.5
 Max Head:   37'
 Cord Length:   32'
 Dimensions:   (H) 15.51" x (W) 9.45" x (D) 6.89"
 Discharge Outlet:   2" FPT (Female Pipe Thread)
 Warranty:   2 years


Frequently Asked Questions

Does this pump use a magnetic drive or a direct drive motor system?

This pump is a direct drive pump, which tend to hold their flow better as the head pressure increases. 

How big of a pump do I need?

We have written a page on choosing the right pond water pump, please have a look here, which will help you decide what size pump is right for your pond.

Will this pump work for a powering a waterfall?

Definitely!  Keep in mind that the larger your waterfall, the larger the pump you will need!  But also keep in mind that the larger the waterfall is, the more power draw will be required, which in turn raises your electrical bill.

Should I get a submersible or an external pump?

As you may know, submersible pumps are submersed in the water, and external pumps are placed outside the pond.  In general, most people start with a submersible pump and then move to an external pump if there is a good reason to do so.  For example, external pumps are available in larger sizes for higher flow rates.  Also, external pumps are easier to access since they are outside the pond.  However, this also brings potential disadvantages such as louder noise in addition to having to conseal the pump in the landscaping.  To learn more, please see our page on choosing a pond pump.

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