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Atlantic PS3900 Pond Skimmer (Oasis Series)

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- Oasis series is Atlantic's newest line of user friendly products made to contractor-grade quality

- Strong top lid can support rock camouflage and foot traffic

- Includes steel-framed trap net for capturing large debris and Matala filter mat for secondary mechanical filtration

- Pump discharge fittings for 1.5" and 2" pipe provided on both sides of the skimmer

- Labeled drill points for the optional installation of an auto-fill device or an overflow fitting.


The Oasis series of products from Atlantic feature contractor-grade components, in an installation friendly package.  The PS3900 skimmer is our go-to skimmer for ponds requiring 300 gallons per hour and less.  It features two levels of mechanical filtration.  The first level is a steel-framed trap net which catches larger debris like leaves and sticks.  The second level is a Matala filter mat which strains out finer particles before sending the water on to the pump in the back of the unit.  This skimmer is large enough to hold a good sized submersible pump, or a pump intake can be installed if using an external pump.  Although the lid is strong enough to cover with rock to camouflage the skimmer lid, we recommend pairing it with our fake rock lids which make accessing the skimmer very easy.


 Model  PS3900
 Weir Door  6"
 Dimensions (WxDxH)  17.75" x 19.5" x 19.5"
 Pump Flow Range(gph)  1000 - 3900
 Sq.Ft. Rating            200                
  Match to Filterfalls  BF1600



Frequently Asked Questions

What pump will work with this skimmer?

Pumps with a flow rate between 1000 and 3900 gph are best for this skimmer.  The Alpine Cyclone series of pumps are a great choice.  Please note that the ShinMaywa pumps WILL NOT fit inside this skimmer.  If you'd like to use a ShinMaywa pump, please upgrade to the PS4600 Skimmer which is a little larger, and is tall enough for the extra height of the ShinMaywa pumps.

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