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Alpine Cyclone 2100 Pond Pump

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- Can be used submerged as a submersible pump, or out of the water as an external pump

- Able to pass solids up to 0.24"

- Oil-free, magnetic-drive motor for long-term, efficient use.

- 3 year warranty

The Alpine cyclone pumps (6 models/sizes in total) are some of our favorite pump choices for smaller sized ponds needing a flow rate under 3000 gallons per hour.  Over 3000 gallons, we tend to recommend the excellent ShinMawya submersible pump because of it's high durability, reliability and electrical efficiency.  However, the alpine pumps are another great choice, especially if you don't quite need the 3300 GPH offered by the smallest ShinMaywa.  One of the best features of the Cyclone pump is it's versatility.  It's able to be used as a submersible pump OR an external pump which is a very unique feature compared with other pumps which are usually one or the other.

The Alpine cyclone pumps are magnetic driven pumps, which means instead of a straight drive shaft from the motor to the impeller (like the Shinmaywa submersible pumps), the pump makes use of magnets to turn the impeller, which allows the motor to be fully encased in its own housing, which greatly reduces the likelihood of the motor leaking anything into the water.  One disadvantage of mag pumps is that they tend to loose their flow rate quicker as head pressure increase compared to traditional direct drive pumps.    

The size for sale on this page is the 2100 model, which is capable of pumping 2000 gallons per hour (GPH) before taking head pressure into account.  Please see the below figures to see how the flow rate of this pump changes under various head pressures.  For example, by 10' of head, the pump is reduced to 790 GPH.   For more information on how to calculate the head pressure of your pond system, please see our page on Calculating Head Pressure.   

Pump Flow Rate (GPH) vs. Head Pressure

0' of head     5' of head   10' of head   15' of head  
2000 GHP       1532 GPH       790 GPH       0 GPH      

Looking for a pump with more, or less flow?  Please see our page here on pump recommendations.

Pump Specifications

 Volts:   120
 Watts:  190
 Max Head:   15
 Outlet Size:   1.5" FPT
 Included Fittings:               3/4", 1" and 1-1/4" adapter    
 Cord Length:   33'
 Dimensions:   8" x 5" x 6"
 Warranty:   3 Years


Frequently Asked Questions

Does this pump use a magnetic drive or a direct drive motor system?

This pump is a magnetic driven pump, which while being more energy efficient, tends to lose flow faster as the head pressure increases (when compared to direct drive pumps).  If your system contains minimal head pressure, then a mag pump is a good choice.  However, if you have a decent amount of head pressure, you may find a mag driven pump to become less powerful more quickly.  Be sure to find out the head pressure of your system, and consult the chart above to see if this pump is the right fit for your pond application.

How big of a pump do I need?

We have written a page on choosing the right pond water pump, please have a look here, which will help you decide what size pump is right for your pond.

Will this pump work for a powering a waterfall?

Yes, up to a certain size.  Keep in mind that the larger your waterfall, the larger the pump you will need!  But also keep in mind that the larger the waterfall is, the more power draw will be required, which in turn raises your electrical bill.  Another thing to remember is the higher your waterfall, the more head pressure will be present, requiring a more powerful pump to push the water up hill.  

Should I get a submersible or an external pump?

As you may know, submersible pumps are submersed in the water, and external pumps are placed outside the pond.  In general, most people start with a submersible pump and then move to an external pump if there is a good reason to do so.  For example, external pumps are available in larger sizes for higher flow rates.  Also, external pumps are easier to access since they are outside the pond.  However, this also brings potential disadvantages such as louder noise in addition to having to conseal the pump in the landscaping.  The advantate of the Alpine Cyclone is that it can be used as both!  So if your needs change in the future, this pump is a very flexible option.  To learn more, please see our page on choosing a pond pump.

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